Meeting Tracker

Is there a limit to the amount of attendees can I have?
You can add as many people as you want via group or an individual.

Does the total cost have a limit?
The app is currently limited to $99,999.99.

Can I pause the timer?
Yes, when the timer is paused the total cost, time, and alert will be paused until the timer is resumed.

How do I set an alert?
Simply tap on the gear button on the top right to go to ‘Settings’. From here you can enable or disable alerts.

What type of alerts can I set?
An alert can be based off of the time or the total cost. You can update the alert at any time, even when the timer is already running.

Does the app support landscape?
Yes, when in landscape the app will only display the cost.

Can I add or remove attendees after the timer has started?
Yes, you can add, remove or modify an attendee at any point. Any change made will not affect the previous cost.

Will the app keep track of time and cost while running in the background?
The time, total cost, and alert will continue running. However, if you close the app while it is running your time and cost will be lost, but attendees will be saved.
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