Weight and Balance

Do I have to create an account to use Jazz Weight and Balance?
You are not required to create an account to use the app, but if you want to take advantage of features such as downloading fleets, managing fleets and syncing aircraft with multiple devices. you’ll need to create an account.

Does Jazz Weight and Balance support the metric system?
Jazz Weight and Balance not only supports both imperial and metric system units, but allows you to switch between them without having to re-enter data. Aircraft have their own units so you can view all your aircraft definitions exactly as they are defined in your POH.

What kind of envelopes does Jazz Weight and Balance support?
Jazz Weight and Balance supports normal, utility and aerobatic envelopes. The app will notify you if you are inside or outside any envelope at both takeoff and landing.

Does Jazz Weight and Balance support Arm and Moment units?
Jazz Weight and Balance supports both arm/weight and moment/weight envelope entry for each aircraft. That chart view will also display the correct units for each aircraft so you can easily compare with your POH.

How do I use custom fuel and oil weights?
Custom fuel and oil weight can be set in “Device Settings” found in the main Menu.

Do I need to create a new flight for each loading situation?
Creating a new flight for every loading situation is not required but does provide you with the ability to keep a detailed flight log. You can also create copies of any flight by tapping the “New flight Button” in the upper right when in the “Weight and Balance” view.

How do I create a new aircraft from a template?
Jazz Weight and Balance has a number of common aircraft templates to choose from, and we’re adding to the list every day! To download a template go to “Aircraft” in the main menu and tap “Browse Templates”. Aircraft templates come complete with the exception of an empty weight and empty arm. Please refer to you POH to complete the definition.

Does Jazz W+B Support Multiple Fuel Tanks?
Yes, we support any number of fuel tanks. You can also customize each flight by outlining a detail fuel burn profile such as choosing which tanks to burn from and performing fuel transfers.

Is my data secure? Are my aircraft and flights private?
Jazz Weight and Balance takes your privacy seriously. We are software engineers with a passion for aviation, that being said we utilize the latest security techniques such as encrypting all passwords to ensure your data is safe. All flights in Jazz Weight and Balance are private to your account even if they are flights for an aircraft created from a template or a fleet. Aircraft inside fleets will always be publicly visible however, only admins of the fleet can modify those aircraft. Aircraft not in a fleet are always private.

What is syncing?
Syncing lets you keep all your devices in sync with the latest versions of aircraft / flights. Syncing will also let you get updates from fleets that you have downloaded so you can always get the latest version.

What happens if I delete a fleet?
Regardless if you are an admin of a fleet or simply a follower you can stop following a fleet by deleting it from the “Aircraft” menu. Keep in mind that unfollowing (deleting) a fleet will delete all your private flights for the aircraft inside that fleet. If you are an admin, unfollowing the fleet will not affect your admin privileges which will be reinstated the next time you download the fleet.

How do I add admins to my fleet?
To manage a fleet such as adding or removing admins you must have the fleet downloaded to your device. From the main menu go to “Fleet Management” and expand the fleet folder you wish to manage. Changes to the fleet will be applied the next time you sync your device.

Who can edit the aircraft in my fleet?
Only admins of the fleet can add/edit/remove the aircraft inside a fleet. Anyone can download a fleet and create their own private flights for those aircraft. You can always add and remove admins from your fleet in “Fleet Management” in the main Menu.

Why can’t I log into my account?
There are a few reasons that could cause you to be locked out of your account. The primary reason being either your username (email) or password is incorrect. Or your account may be unconfirmed. To confirm your account you need to respond to the automated email sent to your email address. Keep in mind that changing your username will require you to reconfirm your account with your new email.

How do I enter an aircraft with a variable fuel arm?
From the “General” section in the “Setup” side of the app there is a switch for “Has Variable Fuel Arm”. Make sure this option is set to “true”. Then go to “Stations” (also found in the “Setup” side of the app). Scroll down to the “Variable Fuel Tank” section. Here you can name the station and enter the max fuel. Next proceed to enter the variable fuel table as defined by your POH into the “Variable Fuel Arm Table” section.

Syncing keeps failing, what can I do?
When a sync fails, our servers are automatically notified of the problem so that we can address the issue. If you don’t have any local changes and your data has been previously synced with our servers, you can recover by performing the following operations: Go to “Device Settings” in the main menu. Tap the red “Clear Local Data” button and enter your password. The app will automatically reset your local storage to only having sample aircraft. Now from the main menu tap the “Sync Devices” button. An alert dialog will appear, prompting you to choose the option to “Remove Samples Aircraft”. This should download all your data from our servers and fix any syncing issues you have. If the problem persists or you have local data thats been unsynced, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.

Why are some of my aircraft orange and some green?
Aircraft profiles that are completed are displayed in green. Incomplete profiles are displayed in orange.

Where do I find the Weight and Balance calculations?
You can look at the detailed calculation by tapping the Detail button at the top of the Weight and Balance table.

Can I print out my Weight and Balance calculation and Envelope?
You can print out a detailed Weight and Balance report from the app’s main menu. Jazz Weight and Balance supports Apple’s Airprint. For more on printing please view this Link.
iOS7 & iOS8 Supported

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